Legends of Eisenwald

Legends of Eisenwald is an original mix of RPG and strategy, with tactical turn based battles and a simple economic model. Rich possibilities of gameplay mechanics allow a player to feel being a hero of different stories ranging from treasure hunt to fighting for the throne.

Welcome to beta test!

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Tuesday 13, November, 2012

This post is also available in: Russian

Hello, everyone! Thank you for your patience and we are happy to announce that we will send out invitations for beta shortly after this update, it’s on Desura and approved now!


This is not a complete game

Please note, this is not a complete game, it’s a beta version and sometimes it’s unstable, so please don’t panic if it crashes. If you want a full experience that Legends of Eisenwald will provide you, you might want to wait until the release. As we said before, this is beta, and this is early beta. We fixed all the critical errors that we found and could reproduce, but some are hard to catch. Here is a quick overview of things and explanation of what awaits you in beta:

  • Interface is not fully developed yet, in particular, there is no save/load interface, only quick save option. Pressing F5 will save your game, pressing F8 will load it. If you lose a battle, you can reload the game from a moment before the battle. After you save and exit the game, you will have to start the scenario again and press F8 to load it.
  • Here is an email for all beta related things: betatest@legendsofeisenwald.com (to send us logs, screen shots, save files). If you have questions about invitations, please use Kickstarter mail or your Paypal/Yandex email if you backed using these systems. For your opinions, questions and impressions about the game we feel it would be better if you use our forum.
  • We created a special sub forum on our site to discuss things related to beta testing (Russian) – If the game crashes, please send us a log file (Eisenwald.log in the directory where the game is installed) and your last saved game file (QuickSave in the directory where the game is installed in Saves sub-directory)
  • There are no hints, if you find it hard to understand what to do, please read the tutorial, it’s is located here (Russian).
  • Quest Journal doesn’t work fully, there are no indication of active or completed quests.
  • There is no healing in buildings, it’s done only with the help of potions – you will get some in the beginning and after battles, or you can buy them in markets and churches.
  • There are no special effects yet.
  • You can play as Knight or Baroness. Mystic is disabled for now, since many spells are not implemented yet.
  • The game seems to crash more on “weaker” configurations of computers, if you have a good processor and graphics card chances are lower for a crash. It seems it is connected to our sound engine. We haven’t figured why it happens yet. Sometimes it crashes right when entering a battle, sometimes when entering a tent. Use F5 to save your progress.

What is the goal of this testing

We want to test and see if it works good and then make some decisions and adjustments regarding gameplay, balance etc. There are certain things we would like to get your opinion on but we don’t want to prejudice you, so at first it would be good to hear your opinions and impressions about any aspect of the game that you would like to change or even remove. Then, once there are enough of feedback from you, based on this information we will create some polls for you to decide which way we will go. Or in case there are some unanimous feeling about certain aspects (both on your part and ours) then we can skip polls to make things easier.

As we move on, we will add functionality and create patches to the game to fix any issues that we find. Some more detailed instructions will be in the invitation emails from Desura.


About dates

In some of our previous updates where we said that we could finish the game in November, we have to admit we were very wrong. It’s one thing to make a prototype, and completely another to make a ready-to-use feature in the game. Also, working on interface proved more challenging than we thought. It took us a long time to make relatively stable beta, and we are glad it’s there now!


The Masquerade

You expected an invitation to a feast but instead were invited to a war. Your suzerain Baron von Doppelzung disappeared mysteriously shortly before his annual masquerade ball. Your neighbors are ready to start a war against each other, and if there is an opportunity, then against you.

What are you going to do? Are you going to try finding the missing baron? It won’t be easy or fast. To get the information necessary you would need to cooperate with cunning and sometimes very strange characters. To help an arrant cutthroat escape from the baronage, save an aging beauty from old age or get a piece of ethereal fabric for a local alchemist – this is not as merry or non-threatening as it may seem.

Or maybe, you can use this situation to declare yourself a baron? Then be prepared for a feudal war where it won’t be easy to win without an ally. But pay attention that your ally won’t become stronger than you, otherwise he won’t recognize you as his suzerain.

It won’t go without side stories, of course. Are you going to give a refuge to a community of non-Christians that try to escape persecution from local authorities and merciless inquisition? Can you follow a vow for two days to hear the words of a ghost languishing in the ruins? Or maybe you will try to find a treasure that according to rumors you … hid yourself?

And don’t forget, this is a masquerade ball. It means, sooner or later the time will come to remove the masks, some together with the heads.

The scenario has three alternate endings, several side quests, two secret quests.

* * *

Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption

Continuing on tradition to mention some games in our updates that we like and back, we would like to point out to you Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption that is now here on Kickstarter by the designer of the Quest for Glory. This is a game that was pointed by some of you to us and it looks very interesting and promising – words like “turn-based” and “RPG” in one sentence? We are convinced! :) They are at good 60% of their goal and with 7 days to go and might need some support. Back it, if this is something you like, Eisenwald Cavalry is riding again!


Thank you

We are very excited and we are looking forward to work with you on our game. With your help we brought it to this stage now, and with your help we will bring it further, until it becomes a really great game. Thank you all and see you at beta test!

Alexander, Nikolay, Dmitry, Denis, Victor and Ressa