Legends of Eisenwald

Legends of Eisenwald is an original mix of RPG and strategy, with tactical turn based battles and a simple economic model. Rich possibilities of gameplay mechanics allow a player to feel being a hero of different stories ranging from treasure hunt to fighting for the throne.

Update 0.977, New trailer and custom scenarios

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Thursday 30, October, 2014

This post is also available in: Russian

Update 0.977 brings many fixes. The most interesting are listed here:

  • Added dialog window for the new interface. Adding 3D-character portraits still in progress;
  • Added sounds when you visit buildings;
  • Fixed an issue when portraits and characters mismatch;
  • The game no longer crashes, if you use Alt-tab;
  • Removed debug mode from steam-version (less recording to a hard drive, less loading);
  • Fixed head movement of characters;
  • Custom scenarios are in “Custom” tab and  main scenarios are in “Basic” tab;
  • Fixed inventory transfer from one scenario to another;
  • Pop-up windows of tutorial appear in time now;
  • Army no longer uses quest items;
  • Fortifications have defense bonus;
  • Added new weapons, armor and amulets;
  • Changed visibility of enemy armies on the quest map.

In parallel, we tuned up special effects and shaders in a separate test project.


We would like to show you how the custom interface has changed in the game since the time of a first review, since the time of launching “Legends of Eisenwald” in Steam “Early Access”.

The old interface has come a long way, it has changed three designers and it was obvious that most users didn’t find it too good, originally. We’ve changed and redrawn it completely. Closer to release we will add some new features and, from our point of view, it is looking quite good. Maybe it is time to go back and compare how the game looks now?

There is a trailer, which shows just a few of the the main changes in the interface:

First custom scenarios

The first custom scenario finally got into Steam Workshop. It is named “The Boundary knight”! (It’s in Russian though, the author is looking for translators!)

Author’s description:

“Deprived of inheritance and left with absolutely nothing, not a penny to his name, just a good reputation and a pure soul Sir Henry IV goes with his faithful companion and friend squire Varfal to a jorney hoping to find fame and, with any luck, wealth. What knight need to do without castle and parcel of land? Just wandering…

It all depends on you in the game. How to proceed – according to conscience or give in to temptation.”

In our opinion test of the pen was quite successful. Originally the scenario had a few bugs that the author has already fixed. We liked how a custom Eisenwald scenario may end up looking like. Looking forward to more entries!

We are happy to announce another user scenario! The art director of the project Dmitry Goncharov recently completed an entertaining experiment by turning “Legends of Eisenwald” into a logic puzzle. In this scenario players will be able to take part in a tournament. Every fight will have puzzles and challenges to overcome. You have to rely not only on the strength of units, but also on your own problem solving.