Legends of Eisenwald

Legends of Eisenwald is an original mix of RPG and strategy, with tactical turn based battles and a simple economic model. Rich possibilities of gameplay mechanics allow a player to feel being a hero of different stories ranging from treasure hunt to fighting for the throne.

Patch 1.2 is out!

Опубликовал [Aterdux] Alexander в
Tuesday 5, April, 2016

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Today we release a major patch to the game bringing it to the 1.2 version. We did quite a bit of work on saves, fixed many smaller bugs in the AI and fixed the issue with summoned spirits – now they have a health bar and also you can now select any hex for summoning and any unit and direction for attack. This particular issue turned out to be non-trivial and took more time than we thought but we are happy it’s finally done.

List of changes:

- Saves list bugs and fixes. Overwriting now works correctly, the overwritten record updates and moves up the list.

- Spirits summoning and choosing a direction for attack fixed.

- Spirits now have a correct health bar.

- Werewolf sound for counterattack has been added.

- Spell Gift of Medbh now works correctly and extra move is not granted if a character is in full health.

- Fixed tutorial images for all languages.

– Follower characters now are correctly deleted via events.

– A rare bug where sell price for an item is higher than buy price is fixed.

If there are any bugs that really annoy you, please let us know and we will raise its priority and it will be fixed sooner.