Legends of Eisenwald

Legends of Eisenwald is an original mix of RPG and strategy, with tactical turn based battles and a simple economic model. Rich possibilities of gameplay mechanics allow a player to feel being a hero of different stories ranging from treasure hunt to fighting for the throne.

Patch 0.994

Опубликовал Roman Egorov в
Thursday 30, April, 2015

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We prepared for you patch 0.994. Closed beta test participants will receive the full version, other players shortened so there will be no spoilers regarding not released chapters.

  • Full synchronization of animations in combat is done (regarding animations following an interrupted counterattack).
  • Added floating numbers of damage and other parameters in combat
  • Ignis Magnesium and Nigredo spells descriptions have been adjusted
  • The cursor behavior has been changed (showing impassable areas) over the rocks, fences and other similar details of the landscape.
  • In the army screen we added visual separation of the passive abilities (weapons usage, personal skills), active abilities (activated skills and spells) and bonuses received from the items.
  • Bonus “silver weapon” description has been changed. Silver weapons deals extra damage to all characters who have regeneration and vampirism.
  • Characters from the monks line now won’t use “bad” items.
  • Fear will work now only at the end of the movement and will affect only enemies. Characters won’t stop anymore approaching scary enemies. The spirit will scare right after being summoned.
  • From the lowering of the education quality in the school of necromancy warlocks can’t summon spirits anymore.
  • Attack of the werewolves has been increased a little.
  • Stone characters as well as werewolves and ghouls can’t use regular items anymore.
  • Selecting “wait” in combat now cancels activated in the last turn special abilities.
  • Fixed retreat of characters in combat.
  • Added a possibility to fully control summoned spirits.
  • Necromancers and mystic who knows necromancy can summon and control only one spirit.
  • AI priority for spells summoning spirits and suppressing will has been increased
  • Changed algorithm for calculating experience for support units. Now it depends on how their targets acted in the next turn.
  • For “Energy burst” an ability to cast a mass spell is blocked if not enough mana.
  • The spell “Albedo” now doesn’t have an additional effect of healing at the end of the turn of the target. Now healing works as planned only when spell is casted.
  • Crowbills can’t damage werewolves armor since they have none.
  • Sometimes enemy infantry got killed off your spearmen despite the fact that less dangerous targets were nearby. Eludidative talks were conducted and now, on higher level of difficulty the amount of suicide will be significantly decreased.
  • The function of evaluating items strength has been changed. Now items close in value differ and displayed in a correct color.
  • The function of evaluating strength of troops and items now takes into account bonuses of regeneration and evasivness. Early it lead to incorrect evaluation of some items.
  • In the Prologue mercenaries don’t come to Seidlitz castle if your hero hides in there.
  • In the Way Home when you defeat Raike without finishing the quest with Anna von Hinzen, in Quellburg there will be only one option in the dialog with her.
  • Now quests on defeating enemies in each faction correctly close when you come and report on their completion at the same time.