Legends of Eisenwald

Legends of Eisenwald is an original mix of RPG and strategy, with tactical turn based battles and a simple economic model. Rich possibilities of gameplay mechanics allow a player to feel being a hero of different stories ranging from treasure hunt to fighting for the throne.

Patch 0.992

Опубликовал Roman Egorov в
Wednesday 11, February, 2015

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We are happy to report about new patch to Legends of Eisenwald. Traditionally we leave out a bigger part of the changes so we don’t give spoilers to those who are waiting for the release.


  • New achievements have been added, 44 in total now, out of them 16 are in the first three available chapters of the campaign.
  • According to the changes in the system of connecting game items and characters, all named characters were changed in all scenarios;
  • Increased font size in information windows of buildings and armies;
  • Beggars got back their clubs instead of hammers;
  • The income hint describes only the current amount of gold in the building treasury when gold is collected manually;
  • Information window of buildings has now a new icon that specifies if a building provides income. In a hint for this icon the maximal value and current controlled building is shown;
  • In the information window of characters abilities and combat effects now are shown separetely. Now all the effects received in a battle are displayed on a portrait of the character which should help to understand more what’s happening in combat;
  • New developers console is added and basic functions are working now;
  • Almost fully rewrote block of managing the saves. Saving will be significantly faster;
  • We made some funny horses (finished assembly of physical shaders).



Game mechanics:

  • Finished system of manual collecting gold from the castle treasuries. Now to collect gold from castles you will have to visit them. It’s important to now that tribute from the villages connected to the castle is collected by the castle court. The treasury of a castle has an upper limit, when it’s reached the gold stops being collected. Now it’s 10 times the castle income;
  • The bug with exchange of characters in a garrison and army of AI that lead to crashes is fixed;
  • Fixed mass healing for characters with negative will. Now they are simply not healed instead of receiving damage;
  • Spiritual power expenditure for mass spelss now does not depend on the will of a “main” target.
  • Priests spell Redemption removes now not only effects of negative spells but also fear, stun, poisoning and paralyzation;


  • The window of scenario settings parameters is changed;
  • Now you can connect to a scenario a picture and coat of arms on the map;
  • Added possibility to place sources of light on the map.