Legends of Eisenwald

Legends of Eisenwald is an original mix of RPG and strategy, with tactical turn based battles and a simple economic model. Rich possibilities of gameplay mechanics allow a player to feel being a hero of different stories ranging from treasure hunt to fighting for the throne.

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Friday 12, September, 2014

Hello everyone, lately we have been talking to a few journalists, from IGN Russia and rpgwatch.com in particular. IGN Russia had a discussion what is an indie game which was presented in several developers answers to four questions: what is an indie game; do you think Journey for PS3 or Valiant Hearts are indie games; if Banner Saga went to a publisher, they would have gotten more money and have done a better game – what do you think of […]

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Friday 5, September, 2014

Recently we drastically changed user interface and started to work on tutorial that would not allow to play advanced scenarios without tutorial. Because of this, some players experienced issues starting a new scenario and this should be finally resolved with update 0.973. Game changes: Fixed deleting private saves instead of auto-saves; Fixed a game crash when trying to chose an ability for the hero at level 13; Added disabling of tutorual reactivation (according to the list of saves); Added feature […]

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Monday 25, August, 2014

Hello everyone, We are happy to share with you this piece of news. The version 0.97 has been released and soon your Legends of Eisenwald will start downloading it. We can say that this patch can change your perception of the game because this patch not only changes the user inferface functionally but also changes its appearance: new color pallette is used that corresponds more to the game world, new backgrounds added, new buttons and other things. We added a […]

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Thursday 14, August, 2014

Today we tell about characters each player faces when he or she first starts Legends of Eisenwald.  We will talk about main heroes of the game. History of creation Three main characters of Legends of Eisenwald are invented by leading game developers Nikolai Armonik and Denis Lomako analogous to our first game Discord Times. We have once said that initially Legends of Eisenwald was planned to be much easier and more like a remake of Discord Times, but eventually we […]

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Thursday 7, August, 2014

We are working on the new interface and part of it is reworking the tutorial. Here is an example of how it will look, we hope you are going to like it.

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Wednesday 23, July, 2014

Hello everybody! We are happy to tell you that new update will be released on Wednesday, which transfer scenario editor into stable branch, fix some essential bugs in game and its editor, and also add Steam Workshop to the game. This means, that a special surprise, a scenario that is based on the Cursed Lake scenario from our first game Discord Times, will be available for all participants of Early access.  Notice for modders. During the semi-closed test in special […]

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Wednesday 2, July, 2014

Hello everyone! The biggest news is that our AI and event system developer Denis Lomako is back to work. He feels good and he is eager to finish whatever is left for him. He is still under doctors observation after his surgery, and he started from home a week ago, but now we are happy to see him back in our office. We would like to thank those of you who participated in beta test of our Scenario Edtior that was announced […]

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Monday 9, June, 2014
Scenario editor overview for Legends of Eisenwald

In this video we give you a brief overview of Scenario Editor for Legends of Eisenwald. We will show you how to make maps manually, how to generate them automatically, how to place objects, setup armies and events.

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Wednesday 4, June, 2014

Invitation to test the scenario editor and new scenario We decided to release a patch differently from the way we used to do. So, right now you can start testing the scenario editor and new scenario Cursed Castle. This new scenario is done based on Cursed Lake scenario from our first game Discord Times and we adapted it to our setting. The scenario is ready in English, Russian and French. We have been testing the editor and its integration with […]

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Monday 2, June, 2014

Our last month was rich in events. Despite the numerous May holidays (we were not even allowed into our office, as the building was closed these days!), we managed to get done with a few important tasks: Now we are about to complete our work on the Scenario Editor and Steam Workshop, and have only one scenario left in order to complete the campaign promised to you for the game release. Some of us even managed to take a rest […]

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