Legends of Eisenwald

Legends of Eisenwald is an original mix of RPG and strategy, with tactical turn based battles and a simple economic model. Rich possibilities of gameplay mechanics allow a player to feel being a hero of different stories ranging from treasure hunt to fighting for the throne.

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Thursday 6, March, 2014

A story about a knight cannot be without a good fight. And what good fight is without a big victory? In Legends of Eisenwald there are such victories after which you will really sense that you fought well. Castles sieges could be considered as one of the most interesting elements of combat in Legends of Eisenwald. First of all, a successful siege gives you an opportunity to take over enemy lands and use them as your own, including imposing tax […]

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Tuesday 25, February, 2014

Put in a word for a poor knight-errant Sometimes we hear questions from players why a hero doesn’t lead huge armies but rather separate units. Well, usually a medieval knight-errant didn’t have under his command armies of hundreds or thousands of people. In historical novels we see descriptions where a rich and pompous knight leaves his castle with: four beautiful and strong war horses that are led by two stablemen, three knights with fourteen horses, a chaplain, forager, smith, armourer, […]

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Thursday 13, February, 2014
Eisenwald_Scenario Editor _  F__g_Steam_steamapps_common_Eisenwald_Scenarios_ 123  () tiny map 2014-02-14 00.25.14

Our next patch will add map editor support and today we’ll tell you a bit about it. Editor functions. Usually map editor is easy to use. Almost every time functions work as they were described. Upper toolbar is responsible for project management, map object representation, specific map edit modes, scenario and events adjustment and also for character and items changes. Right toolbar has landscape edit function: terrain modifying, texture mapping, plants seeding. Also you can find here buildings, objects and […]

Опубликовал Roman Egorov
Friday 7, February, 2014

Very soon your game will be updated. If it still didn’t happen you should restart Steam and try to launch game again. And we are starting preparation to map editor release. Added: +Fair fast combat by pressing F1 (player will see only results); +AI priority on player’s actions if he changed his army into building or tent (changed/put on items, hired/fired soldiers); +Parsing tags (man/women) in event names; +System which allows to take screenshots of 8000/16000 resolution! (players can’t use […]

Опубликовал Roman Egorov
Thursday 6, February, 2014

Patch 0.906 will be released tomorrow. We are trying to not let anything slip between fingers and that’s why we attempt to check and fix everything. We have to admit that splitting one patch to two small brought a handful of chaos into our balanced work process. But as we told you earlier we’ll release this patch, so players won’t face new errors and if it’ll be necessary we’ll make adjustments and start preparations to patch supporting the map editor. […]

Опубликовал Roman Egorov
Thursday 30, January, 2014

We are still busy fixing bugs and debugging. Nicolay is carrying out tasks scheduled on the last week and he is spending all of his free time on visual animation effects.  Dmitry is polishing the map “Trever”. Denis is dealing with inventory. In the next patch players will finally be able to automate sorting of items by it’s usability for each character. And the next patch won’t be limited by only these features. Future patches In the following couple of […]

Опубликовал Roman Egorov
Friday 24, January, 2014

The closer we are approaching the end of development the more we have llittle things which we have to add or fix on the time. This week team priority slightly shifted to fixing numerous fixes. Anyway, game development is a funny thing you can say quite a lot about. Thousand of little things. Nicolay and Dmitry have been adding scenario-related pictures. Dmitry had to fix bugs on Windfeld map and synchronize additions and edits made by or script-writer Victor. You […]

Опубликовал Roman Egorov
Saturday 18, January, 2014

At the beginning of the week we were busy with fixing our testers’ requests and eliminating the bugs they found. This time they captured the uncapturable (no, really!) castle and caught the flying knight when he tried to run away. What do we know about AI? Creating AI as a worthy opponent for players was a great challenge for us. We did a great job of balancing difficulty and pleasure to form a challenging computer enemy. But AI still needs […]

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Wednesday 15, January, 2014
Banner Saga

Hello everyone, most of you probably know but we still want to tell you that Chapter 1 of the Banner Saga is now available on Steam! We also have to confess that we spent some time playing this wonderful game (even during work hours! :))  and we are really impressed with the exquisite art, the story and the depth of the tactical battles. The atmosphere of this game is really immersive, and as developers ourselves we can’t help but be […]

Опубликовал Roman Egorov
Saturday 11, January, 2014

New year’s fuss did not interfere with the development of our game. We took a week’s vacation and it served as a good respite for us and gave us a chance to rethink some decisions. On Monday we run into an obstacle and weren’t able to get into the office so we shifted working time to Saturday. Don’t worry, we are fine and nothing wrong is going to happen. We all work as usual. This week we thought that you […]

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