Legends of Eisenwald

Legends of Eisenwald is an original mix of RPG and strategy, with tactical turn based battles and a simple economic model. Rich possibilities of gameplay mechanics allow a player to feel being a hero of different stories ranging from treasure hunt to fighting for the throne.

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Wednesday 4, June, 2014

Invitation to test the scenario editor and new scenario We decided to release a patch differently from the way we used to do. So, right now you can start testing the scenario editor and new scenario Cursed Castle. This new scenario is done based on Cursed Lake scenario from our first game Discord Times and we adapted it to our setting. The scenario is ready in English, Russian and French. We have been testing the editor and its integration with […]

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Monday 2, June, 2014

Our last month was rich in events. Despite the numerous May holidays (we were not even allowed into our office, as the building was closed these days!), we managed to get done with a few important tasks: Now we are about to complete our work on the Scenario Editor and Steam Workshop, and have only one scenario left in order to complete the campaign promised to you for the game release. Some of us even managed to take a rest […]

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Thursday 24, April, 2014
Sound Effects - 2

In the process of creative task  a sound designer considers the tools that were selected for the process. It’s not just programs and equipment that ara used but it’s more about classification and manyfold of used sounds, a structure of the game engine, and what is especially important, what does the game engine allows to do. Main difficulties could be expected on a treshold where two worlds – technical and creative – collide. We never dealt with sound on the […]

Опубликовал Roman Egorov
Friday 11, April, 2014
Beta test

In today’s diaries using Legends of Eisenwald as an example we will try to show you the interconnection of the elements of game development, and also about the sound effects – how we record them and what should be expected as result. First steps Somewhere between our Kickstarter campaign and getting to Early Access it was a wonderful time for working on our game. One of the exciting tasks of that time was making sound effects. Our entire team was […]

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Tuesday 1, April, 2014

Hello everyone! The official release date and leaving Early Access will happen April 1 2017. We understand you were expecting the game a bit sooner so we will tell you what changes will be made in this long period of time. In Legends of Eisenwald you will find everything that you like in computer games. The game will be a multiplayer, so it will require an Internet connection at all times. You will have to fight other online-barons not only in the […]

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Thursday 27, March, 2014

Hello everyone! We again are here to tell you what changes were made in the game between patches 0.908 and 0.91. Faster rendering by 30%! This is because a new multi-threaded mechanism was introduced and significant optimization; Now your saves can be saved in Steam Cloud, so they won’t be lost! Animation for potions drinking is added; Two new bosses were added (but you won’t see them for now); New story pictures have been added to the events (also, you […]

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Thursday 13, March, 2014

Hello everyone! We want to share some good news with you – our web site aterdux.com changed its design. It’s now more aligned with our ideas about quality and being up-to-date. The site now has two important areas: a places to buy our game and blog structure where you can find the most recent news about the game. Instead of the old comments system we decided to use the popular platform Disqus, write us and don’t hold anything back. Later […]

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Thursday 6, March, 2014

A story about a knight cannot be without a good fight. And what good fight is without a big victory? In Legends of Eisenwald there are such victories after which you will really sense that you fought well. Castles sieges could be considered as one of the most interesting elements of combat in Legends of Eisenwald. First of all, a successful siege gives you an opportunity to take over enemy lands and use them as your own, including imposing tax […]

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Tuesday 25, February, 2014

Put in a word for a poor knight-errant Sometimes we hear questions from players why a hero doesn’t lead huge armies but rather separate units. Well, usually a medieval knight-errant didn’t have under his command armies of hundreds or thousands of people. In historical novels we see descriptions where a rich and pompous knight leaves his castle with: four beautiful and strong war horses that are led by two stablemen, three knights with fourteen horses, a chaplain, forager, smith, armourer, […]

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Thursday 13, February, 2014
Eisenwald_Scenario Editor _  F__g_Steam_steamapps_common_Eisenwald_Scenarios_ 123  () tiny map 2014-02-14 00.25.14

Our next patch will add map editor support and today we’ll tell you a bit about it. Editor functions. Usually map editor is easy to use. Almost every time functions work as they were described. Upper toolbar is responsible for project management, map object representation, specific map edit modes, scenario and events adjustment and also for character and items changes. Right toolbar has landscape edit function: terrain modifying, texture mapping, plants seeding. Also you can find here buildings, objects and […]

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