Legends of Eisenwald

Legends of Eisenwald is an original mix of RPG and strategy, with tactical turn based battles and a simple economic model. Rich possibilities of gameplay mechanics allow a player to feel being a hero of different stories ranging from treasure hunt to fighting for the throne.

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Wednesday 24, December, 2014

Aterdux Team wishes you merry Christmas! We wish you to celebrate it in the company of your loved ones and friends and in the good mood. This patch 0.987 is bringing in the full German version – all scenarios, hints and texts have been translated. The rest are bug fixes directly from the closed beta! Changes: Mystic has now ability to evoke spiritsl The amulet feline mirror has been changed – now it adds to initiative and has another added […]

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Wednesday 3, December, 2014

The wait is over. The day when all mysteries of Eisenwald will open is Tuesday, Dec 9 2014. All beta test participants will have opportunity to play the game to the end and help us testing all game’s scenarios. (This is the date testing begins in Russian, for English we will make an announcement later). As you remember, we are going to test story content and see if it’s possible to finish Legends of Eisenwald. Since we have different heroes, […]

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Tuesday 2, December, 2014

On November 29 the head of Aterdux Entertainment Alexander Dergay spoke at GDS Conference 2014 in Minsk about mistakes made during the Legends of Eisenwald development process. Below are the main points from his talk where you can find out why development took much longer than expected. Design document importance We had a design document but during development, at some point, we stopped looking at it. As a result, we had to reinvent many things. This is often called “Feature […]

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Wednesday 26, November, 2014

Let’s talk a bit about graphics quality. For a long time game graphics remains one of the most important priorities for Nikolay Armonik because what looked good in 2011 (that’s when the game received its current appearance) today you can’t call modern and outstanding. For this reason, for a long time Nikolay was preparing a project of moving the game rendering engine to PBS (physical based shading). This week Nikolay continues to work on this technology and on making a […]

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Thursday 20, November, 2014

  Looking towards the not too distant future we are starting to wonder whether it would make sense to port Legends of Eisenwald to mobile platforms (tablets only). Tablet hardware has become powerful enough for our game to run at a smooth speed and also look quite nice. The mobile market is huge and if this is idea is interesting for our community, we will consider this opportunity. It’s necessary to understand that to port the game to tablet the […]

Опубликовал Roman Egorov
Friday 14, November, 2014

Mystic’s talents Astrology and Metaphysics are changed to Alchemy and “Magical Shield”. Magical shield applies strengthening armor before battle. Alchemy doesn’t work yet; Fixed: Bug with characters names after upgrades; Bug with loading saves; Bug with displaying saves; Bug with displaying quest log; Bug with the assassin’s sword.

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Thursday 13, November, 2014

The development is nearing the release and today we would like to announce closed beta testing (CBT) of the remaining content that will start in the first week of December. The major and maybe even only goal of this testing is to make sure that the entire story is playable from the beginning to the end. With quite a few different paths and non-linearity we need to make sure that any choice a player makes will not break the scripts […]

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Monday 10, November, 2014

About author Nikolay Armonik is a founder and technical director of Aterdux Entertainment. He wrote his first engine in assembler for VESA in DOS. His first game using his own engine is Japan Riddles Japan Riddles, 1998, shareware, Win95/DirectX. Works in games industry since 2000. Engine for Legends of Eisenwald is the engine #9 that is written from scratch. Differences about writing engines in ancient times and now Volumes of processed content in games grew significantly unlike the principles of […]

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Thursday 30, October, 2014

Update 0.977 brings many fixes. The most interesting are listed here: Added dialog window for the new interface. Adding 3D-character portraits still in progress; Added sounds when you visit buildings; Fixed an issue when portraits and characters mismatch; The game no longer crashes, if you use Alt-tab; Removed debug mode from steam-version (less recording to a hard drive, less loading); Fixed head movement of characters; Custom scenarios are in “Custom” tab and  main scenarios are in “Basic” tab; Fixed inventory […]

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Thursday 9, October, 2014

Hello everybody! First of all, today is one year since we released our game to Steam Early Access. This is not exactly the reason for celebration as we really hoped to release much sooner. But it is a year after all. We will make a 50% discount within a Weeklong Deals starting the next week in order to celebrate a bit. You can purchase our game with this discount from 13 till 19 of October. We returned from Igromir 2014, […]