Legends of Eisenwald

Legends of Eisenwald is an original mix of RPG and strategy, with tactical turn based battles and a simple economic model. Rich possibilities of gameplay mechanics allow a player to feel being a hero of different stories ranging from treasure hunt to fighting for the throne.

Developer’s diary # 2: New special effects

Опубликовал Roman Egorov в
Saturday 18, January, 2014

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At the beginning of the week we were busy with fixing our testers’ requests and eliminating the bugs they found. This time they captured the uncapturable (no, really!) castle and caught the flying knight when he tried to run away.

What do we know about AI?

Creating AI as a worthy opponent for players was a great challenge for us. We did a great job of balancing difficulty and pleasure to form a challenging computer enemy. But AI still needs a bit of polishing so we are working on it more. Denis is spending some time fixing the combat AI, which went crazy and used special abilities in a way they were not designed; for example, powerful strike and aimed shot had issues. Also, the AI misplaces the units of characters with two blades and pikes. The new build version is being tested and we continue our job (while we don’t have too many new bug reports).


Everybody loves special effects.

Preparation to improve game effects is one of Nicolay’s longest and labour-consuming projects. Almost everything he’s been busy with during last 1,5 years is related to this task. His special effects work includes rewriting all shaders to provide DOF, SSAO and HDR support, volumetric fog, multiple light sources and ghosts transparency level. So we are also talking about giving our game even more rich visual component.

The age of CPU-computed particles system is over. Today, more powerful GPUs that are able to simulate physical particles very precisely (which make games more beautiful and convincing) came to our rescue.

Of course, this means that most effects will be not available for low-end GPU owners. However, bringing new special effects processing system into “Legends of Eisenwald” will give players the opportunity to change advanced graphic settings so the game can be played on maximal settings and on PCs with integrated videocards.

When will the new patch come?

Patch 0.906 will be huge, because we are planning to add a scenario editor. Of course editor won’t work without some other supporting features, so it’s necessary to do a lot of work again for letting game fully use the editor resourses (for example, mod catalog support). And of course, what we need is more and more testing.