Legends of Eisenwald

Legends of Eisenwald is an original mix of RPG and strategy, with tactical turn based battles and a simple economic model. Rich possibilities of gameplay mechanics allow a player to feel being a hero of different stories ranging from treasure hunt to fighting for the throne.

Developers diaries #9: New site, intermediary patch, GDC.

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Thursday 13, March, 2014

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Hello everyone! We want to share some good news with you – our web site aterdux.com changed its design. It’s now more aligned with our ideas about quality and being up-to-date. The site now has two important areas: a places to buy our game and blog structure where you can find the most recent news about the game. Instead of the old comments system we decided to use the popular platform Disqus, write us and don’t hold anything back. Later we will take care of the design of our forums.

Soon we also plan to change all the content structure of the site (descriptions, new parts), the closer we are to the release the more we have to do. We hope you will have more fun reading what we write on our new site.


As before, our priority is to create new video effects and new interface. These tasks are big and connected to many other game aspects that we can’t really show them without it being done fully.

In parallel we work on game sounds and translation to other languages (German, French). Thank you for sending bug reports and writing in the forums, we use it to fix the bugs in small patches.

In the last hotfix we had a lot of changes that’s why there is a new version 0.908 and so it means we are one step close to the release. In this patch we fixed the following things according to your reports:

  • Bugs connected with start of new game through the main menu in situation were extra objects or data were left;
  • Memory leaks in the engine;
  • Saving bugs.

Steam Workshop

You probably are asking a question why the Map Editor is not released yet. Here is our answer. As we said in one of our diaries entries, we plan to release the editor right away with integration with Steam Workshop because we are aware that this system is very popular in the gaming community. In the process of studying this system we ran into some issues that we are resolving now.

Unfortunately, Valve practically has no documentation for Steam Workshop. We didn’t work much with modding for other games and their workshop integration so it took us a while to research. In the process we learned that adding new materials depends on the developers efforts. We have to create a utility that allows to add new mods, provide its categorization, descriptions, adding pictures etc. We are almost done with it, we have to write a wrapper over SDK Steam library and hope it won’t take that long. Afterwards we have to test it and then the editor can be released!

Game Developers Conference

You probably heard that in few days Game Developers Conference will start in San Francisco. Alexander is going to present our game at GDC Play, booth PL 203. If you plan to attend, stop by to take a look at the latest game version on our table! This version will include our biggest map in the game – Windfeld and some other surprises might await you!