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 Post subject: My Bugs
 Post Posted: Sun Oct 13, 2013 4:18 pm 
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Lets compile this instead.

Combat bugs:
Warlock: Has 4 mana and waited the turn before, cannot cast smallest 15 mana spell and cannot wait. Combat gets stuck with no moves must exit client.

Quest: The Raid on Wenge Castle.
I followed Berthold to the castle where he entered. One group came out and I miss clicked them so they headed to the Alter on the East Sababt. I caught and dispatched them. By that time the second group came out and they came to the same area. Again I dispatched them. Now after 5 days and me going all over the map, Berthold still remains in the castle and won't do anything. What gives?

My Solution: I turned the map on and then filtered for Armies. I found an Army in the top left of the map next to the abandoned shack hidden in the trees. I killed them and Berthold left the Castle.

Quest: (Protect St Lucius)
When I arrived in my lands after the quick prologue I had nothing and no men to my dismay. So I headed to the monastery. They asked for help from a mercenary raid that was about to happen. I sat in the monastery thinking I will defend it. The mercs came into the monastery nothing happened and have been there for a week now. I cannot fight them and nothing happens.

Items: Rusty Mace
I got this from fighting beggars and apostates at the altar at night it looks like a dark gem and is worth 400 gold despite being called a rusty mace.

Traveling Merchant - He roams the whole map saying visit Quellburg. When you talk to him he says, Good day your Worship. I am assuming you meant "Lordship"

Humboldt Langard - When questioned about Merchants guild. "I am not one to judge or course" should be "of".

Heinrich - During the Demon mine quest. "I know your palms are all-over in gilt" I am assuming you mean "Your hands are covered in guilt" a wierd way to say it but better than what's in the game. I might say "I know your guilt has become a heavy burden you must bare"

Economics: I hold to towns each I think providing 40 gold a day. I have one tier 2 mercenary healer and my gold is at -65 a day. I did take tribute from both villages so that might make it take away each 20 leaving me at 0 per day. Am I too assume a tier 2 healer merc costs me 65 gold a day? A finance screen on where your money is coming form or going would be very helpful.

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