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 Post subject: Unable to choose skill path upgrades on level up
 Post Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 4:08 pm 

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Campaign setting Masquerade.Normal difficulty.

Seems I'm unable to choose tiers for the lord or units when quest dialogue pops up right after a fight.Exiting the dialogue and navigating to the tier tree results in having no option for upgrading tiers.Although the lord and troops are now level 2 and not 1.

It also happens with troops (some will have the choice to level up the tier tree some won't) that are placed in a guard tower and level up with a combat (not by auto xp).

If I take them out of the tower to level them up manually because they won't auto level from gaining the level from combat,some will lose the ability to choose the upgrade tier path.

They do however gain the next level (from 1 to 2 or 2 to 3) and their HP and other stats seem to be correct,they just lose the option to become the next tier troop.

I have saved and reloaded several times with the same result.

The companion Paul does not seem to be able to ever choose upgrades on the tier tree.

Again,this is in the Masquerade Campaign and I had no problems with tier upgrades in the main campaign

Also I find it odd that troops level up quicker by being left in a tower or castle and that combat tends to be slower overall for experience gain.

NOTE: I took a combat route rather than a fully driven quest route and things got tough real fast with NPC lords seemingly already at full strength with eight support slots and their auto leveling troops far out pacing my own.

You do get Paul and the peasant squire (from Bog End rebellion quest),but Paul doesn't seem to have his tier tree available (as described above) and the peasant squire is far outclassed right from the get go and only manages to be bait to save one hit on the better troops.

Which brings me to mercenaries.They seem to me to be way too expensive on upkeep even for a few days compared to daily income.I currently own 5 villages at 115 gold per day and currently a single rogue mercenary will shut me down to 15 gold a day.

While I can play the meta with mercenaries,knowing when and where I'll need them to save gold or even reload and hire them if I'm in a pinch,they just aren't practical to hire from a blind playthrough perspective.

The quest *treasure* is still in my quest log after completion.The quest giver has returned to me after the treasure hunt and either reply I give him seems to end up with the poor sod taking a lashing and running away screaming for help. :lol:

The difficulty setting options actually seem to change the settings in a saved game(probably intentional).But was slightly confusing to begin with while I was using multiple campaign saves at different settings for testing things.

That's all I can think of at the moment,it's 2.30 am here writing this because your game is pretty addictive. :D

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