Legends of Eisenwald

Legends of Eisenwald is an original mix of RPG and strategy, with tactical turn based battles and a simple economic model. Rich possibilities of gameplay mechanics allow a player to feel being a hero of different stories ranging from treasure hunt to fighting for the throne.

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Friday 16, September, 2016

Here is a recent update from our Eisenwald: Blood of November Kickstarter campaign. Legends of Eisenwald featured a heavily story driven gameplay. The main campaign, the Masquerade, Road to Iron Forest – these are all examples of a story driven approach. In Blood of November we want to try something else. Sandbox gameplay cannot rely too much on the story. Having just a scenario completely without a story though is not very fun either – Cursed Castle is a good […]

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Tuesday 6, September, 2016

News from our Kickstarter campaign, this is our update #2. Today we would like to tell you about a few new features that we will add into Legends of Eisenwald mechanics so this Blood of November will have a better gameplay. We heard quite a few comments from players that castles in our game are not very functional. This was a concern for us too since only few things could be done in the castles – recruiting new troops, healing […]

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Wednesday 31, August, 2016

In this new story you will get to decide who is fit for the throne of the duchy of Eisenwald. The duke is dead, long live the duke. Two factions vie for the throne and you will have to choose a side, for neutrality is not an option.   Continue to our Kickstarter Campaign – your support is appreciated very much!

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Saturday 2, July, 2016

This day a year ago our game was released. During this year we worked a lot on fixing all kinds of bugs and now the game is in a good stable state. We are very happy about it and hope that you appreciate it as well. Exiting Early Access was a big event for us after which we were working hard to polish the game even more so we could have our first vacation for the first time in many […]

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Tuesday 5, April, 2016

Today we release a major patch to the game bringing it to the 1.2 version. We did quite a bit of work on saves, fixed many smaller bugs in the AI and fixed the issue with summoned spirits – now they have a health bar and also you can now select any hex for summoning and any unit and direction for attack. This particular issue turned out to be non-trivial and took more time than we thought but we are […]

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Thursday 31, December, 2015

In our end of 2015 post we would like to thank all our players – without you there would be no point of making games. We are rather happy as how Legends of Eisenwald turned out in terms of what we wanted to do. We will still support the game and make minor patches, bigger expansions or changes are not planned. We are exploring many different avenues about what to do next. Until January 4 our game is 75% off on […]

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Thursday 5, November, 2015

Our first DLC Road to Iron Forest is released! You won’t find the Iron Forest on any map. Not because it doesn’t exist. But because those who have been there choose not to allow any cartographer to pen their route. They remember the road well, but even if they show it to others, they do not put pen to parchment… The season pass will give you access to the extra content we will make for this game until the end […]

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Thursday 29, October, 2015

  Halloween is coming and we could not skip doing a few things to celebrate it. As many of you know, undead are very much present in our game but we made them a bit more prominent. Cursed Castle scenario has been updated and there you will have to fight many undead including a new character – Cursed Jack. And if you manage to defeat him, you will get a new achievement that we added recently. And the game is […]

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Monday 29, June, 2015

We expressed already our gratitude to all players who made possible development of our game and bought it on Early Access. But we think (and there is even a character in the game like that) that actions are more important than words. Therefore, we thank you all one more time and we are happy to announce that all who got the game on Early Access will receive as a gift extra content – map Road to the Iron Forest which […]

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Thursday 25, June, 2015
2015-06-25 22-57-30 Рабочий стол

On our youtube-channel we published a video that shows in detail how combat works in Legends of Eisenwald on example of battle with one enemy but with three different ways.

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